Sunday, June 27, 2010

Iphone User

Okay so I used to get annoyed with Iphone users.  My friends that had one long before me seemed to always be playing with their phones and sometimes when I was talking to them they weren't always paying attention to what I was saying.  On January 8th I became an "Iphone head".  I LOVE my phone, love all the apps, and love how it helps to pass the time oh and it makes me feel cool. =) Well, about two weeks ago I started having problems with it so I purchased the Apple Care Plan and was able to get a "new" phone sent to me overnight.  I got it this past Monday and followed all of the instructions to back up and restore the "new" phone to have the apps, pics, etc.  I was happy until about Wednesday when I realized that the "silent" button has a glitch.  I use silent quite a bit especially at work.  I had it on silent and at my desk and all of a sudden I heard the tone that let me know that I have a text msg.  UGH!  So now this phone is not working properly.  I call Apple Iphone Support and am told that the phones that they send out are "slightly refurbished".  GREAT!  Okay so probably down deep inside I knew that but I really don't want to go through this process all over again.  Looks like my options are: mail my phone back and wait for another one which would mean that I'd have to go back to using my Blackjack for a while, or drive to an Apple Store (closest is Greenhills),  or they will put a $500 hold on a credit/debit card and overnight me one again.  ARGH!!!! What to do?  I can't decide.  Who's up for a trip to Greenhills? 

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