Tuesday, March 30, 2010

**** The Stomach Bug ****

Hello Girls!  First of all, let me say that John's surprise party was great!  It all went off without a hitch and he was truly surprised!  It was a lot of FUN and there was a good crowd, lots of food, and great memories made. 

On to a sadder story, the Cats lost!  I was heartbroken and still am.  I am so sad for them and am hoping that for some CRAZY reason that Wall and Cousins and whoever else will turn down their mult-million NBA offers for another year at UK.  Fingers crossed. 

Now an even sadder story, the stomach bug. Yikes! It's awful!  All of us know that it creeps up on you like a dang thief in the night.  I had talked to Jess and knew that Lil was sick at the beginning of last week and that poor Trav had it on Friday and I have heard of several others having it but still you think I'm fine, not me.  WRONG! The weekend was great, except for the Cats =( and then Sunday we had a birthday dinner for Lola and it went down hill from there.  Sunday evening, night, and all day Monday I was down for the count.  I found myself praying to the porcelain god to please let it end or let me die.  Now, I hope that God didn't take my sacrilege seriously and knew that I was only praying like that because I was almost out of my mind.  I went back to work today and I am pretty sure that I'm on the mend other than just feeling tired and a bit weak.

Hope that you all have a really good week . . . oh and in case you are wondering (surely you are) I found an Easter dress.  Yep, got it at Macy's this past Saturday and eventhough I tried to find a nice Spring color it is black and white.  Oh well . . . why mess with a good thing? 

Take care.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Time to PARTY . . .

Yay!! The day has finally arrived . . . after a month of planning and keeping secrets and telling little "white lies", today is my stepdad (John's) 50th birthday!!  I am so excited to see it all come together, his family from Eastern  KY is driving down and he has no idea, he only gets to see them once every couple of months or so and sometimes the visits are short so it will be neat.  Mom has made a couple of slip ups but it's hard not to when you are not a professional liar which she is definitely NOT.  So, I'll let you know tomorrow how it all works out . . . Can't wait!

Nothing else to report really, except to say GO BIG BLUE!! 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Teeth, dogs, and work oh my . . .

Okay so I work for the BEST Dentist(s) anywhere!  No, really I do.  I have had a problem with one of my teeth and I had a Root Canal and a Crown in '08, a re-treat Root Canal in '09 and now that same tooth has fractured.  The problem is not because of anything that was done by Dr. Jackson it just happened.  So, today I went to the office and had the pesky thing pulled.  Now, I have to wait three months to have an implant placed and then 5 months to have an implant crown put on it.  So . . . no big deal.  I have never been afraid or had problems at the Dentist (lucky me).  I know that the fear and dread is normal for A LOT of people and again I work for the BEST so we take great care of patients.  I get my tooth pulled, no big deal.  I go by Steak 'n Shake and get a milk-shake since my diet has to be soft today.  I go home to "rest" before I have to be back at work at 1:00, but as soon as I get home I realize that there is a problem.  My roommate has a dog, a fairly big dog.  He stays in the bathroom that it's in her bedroom while we are gone.  Now since it is about 10:00 I know that there shouldn't be any water running because Jenny and Grace (her little girl) are gone.  I go down the hall and into her bedroom and there is water running out from under the bathroom door.  I panic!  I open the door and Hank (the dog) is soaking wet and the line that runs from the toilet to the wall is spraying and I mean spraying water EVERYWHERE!  Did I mention that I am have started to panic??  Now keep in mind that I am  numb and have gauze in my mouth.  I put Hank in his crate and call my Stepdad to see what to do.  He calmly asks, "Did you turn the water off?"  Now why didn't I think of that?  So I put my Iphone down far away from the water and reach over behind the toilet (getting soaked the whole time) and turn the valve off.  Crisis sort of averted.  So, I tell my Stepdad thanks and get off the phone.  I clean up water and more water and more water . . . start a load of wet towels and rugs and oh yeah eat part of my milkshake.  Now do I get to rest?? Nope, not quite.  I have to update my blog! =)  Anyway, the numbness is starting to go away and I have taken my Tylenol/Advil cocktail so maybe I can rest just a bit before going in to work.  Thank goodness we don't have any patients in the office tomorrow, I need to take it easy.  Hope you all are doing well. 

Love ya,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

This and that . . .

Ahh  . . . a lazy Sunday.  Today, we only had Sunday School at Jock so after service I came back to BG.  It's cool and rainy and the CATS are playing.  I decided to stop and grab a DiGiorno frozen pizza and head home.  Okay so I'm not a sports fanatic but this season I am a Kentucky Wildcat fanatic!  I have my UK shirt on for every game these days.  During close games I have to be doing something else though so I can go in and out of the room that the TV is in =)  Makes me nervous. 

So, just a few things that I'm trying to plan for are . . . my stepdad's 50th birthday party (it's a SURPRISE).  My dilemma is this, we are having it at South Edmonson on his actual birthday (March 26th) but I don't know what little "white lie" to use to get him there.  Since they live here in BG what is a reason for him to go to Edmonson County on his birthday?  So, I figured we would just say that we are going to fix dinner at Nick and Brooke's house but that is still not going by the school.  Hmmm . . . any ideas girls?  If so, please share.  My next thing that I am trying to plan for is an Easter dress.  We actually have Church at Jock this time so I'm definitely buying something new.  I know that most of you feel my pain when I say that it isn't easy or cheap to dress shop.  I have got to get on the job though because we are now three short weeks away and I have been to look once.  I want a kelly green dress, silver jewelry, and camel color pumps.  Hmm should be easy to find - lol!

Well, you all have a good week.  See ya on Facebook or blogville. (smile)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A day off . . .

Okay so I know that most people enjoy a day off. I am trying to save my vacation days for the Summer and also a trip to the beach at the end of September. However, I have accrued some overtime hours and we don't get paid for those hours but we can use them as time off. So, I found out last week that I had almost 8 hours to use and immediately scheduled a day off. Now, you might find it odd that I took a Wednesday off and I admit that it was a bit off an odd choice but I have loved it!!! I stayed in bed until 8:30 (which is late for me since I'm always up by 6:30 during the week). Then I got up and went to the tanning bed, now don't anybody even bother to comment about how I'm going to get skin cancer. I go to Express Tan and I spend my hard earned money on the best beds which are supposedly a tad safer plus I don't tan all year but I can't stand the pastiness anymore. Then I got a couple of doughnuts from GADS and came home. I burnt a CD, talked to Jess on the phone, did laundry, cleaned the house a little bit, got a shower, took my time doing a light makeup application, and fixed my hair. I then went to the grocery to get stuff for dinner tonight. I love it, love it, love it! Now all I need is to find a somewhat rich, single, man to marry me so I can stay home every day. No, I'm teasing. I'll just start wracking up some more overtime hours and plan to take another midweek day off. I'm excited because two more days and it's the weekend.

Hope you all are having a great week!
Love ya,