Sunday, June 27, 2010

Iphone User

Okay so I used to get annoyed with Iphone users.  My friends that had one long before me seemed to always be playing with their phones and sometimes when I was talking to them they weren't always paying attention to what I was saying.  On January 8th I became an "Iphone head".  I LOVE my phone, love all the apps, and love how it helps to pass the time oh and it makes me feel cool. =) Well, about two weeks ago I started having problems with it so I purchased the Apple Care Plan and was able to get a "new" phone sent to me overnight.  I got it this past Monday and followed all of the instructions to back up and restore the "new" phone to have the apps, pics, etc.  I was happy until about Wednesday when I realized that the "silent" button has a glitch.  I use silent quite a bit especially at work.  I had it on silent and at my desk and all of a sudden I heard the tone that let me know that I have a text msg.  UGH!  So now this phone is not working properly.  I call Apple Iphone Support and am told that the phones that they send out are "slightly refurbished".  GREAT!  Okay so probably down deep inside I knew that but I really don't want to go through this process all over again.  Looks like my options are: mail my phone back and wait for another one which would mean that I'd have to go back to using my Blackjack for a while, or drive to an Apple Store (closest is Greenhills),  or they will put a $500 hold on a credit/debit card and overnight me one again.  ARGH!!!! What to do?  I can't decide.  Who's up for a trip to Greenhills? 

Friday, June 25, 2010

My Nephews


Thursday, June 10, 2010

There's a first time for everything . . .

Okay so I was off from work all last week and I loved it!  I really didn't have a schedule at all and I just did whatever I wanted to but honestly the week flew by.  I had lunch with a friend that I hadn't seen for a while.  Mostly, I spent time with my best friend (Sarah) who was 9 months pregnant, helping her get ready for baby #5.  Yes I said #5.  So anyway I just knew that since her due date was June 13th and that this is her 5th baby that my week off would surely be when she would go.  So I waited and waited and waited . . . every time she called (if we weren't together) I just knew that it was "the call."  Sunday night came and still no baby.  So, she goes to the Doctor on Tuesday and decided to schedule to be induced yesterday.  I took the day off so I could be there.  So . . . we were sitting back in L&D and she had gotten her epidural, the contractions were off the charts but she was happy as could be.  At some point the nurse was in there and Sarah asked how many people could be in there during delivery.  The nurse answered three and Sarah looked at me and said "Do you want to stay?" I was surprised, excited, nervous, and honored.  Her Mom is always in there and ofcourse her hubby and then me this time.  I have to say that I expected more drama but due to the epidural (I guess) she didn't make a peep, it was all very calm and quiet.  They broke her water at 8:45 a.m. and Miss Amelia Josephine Boucher made her appearance at 10:45 a.m.  I cried!! It was so sweet.  If I knew how to post pics on this blog I would do it and show you this big baby girl, she weighed 9lbs. 13oz. and is 21 inches long.  Maybe I'll figure out the picture thing one day . . .

All for now.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Single and Frustrated

Okay so let me start by saying that this is a venting post.  I know by reading other people's posts that a blog is often used to vent. (i.e. Jessica's Wal-mart trip)  So, today I am venting about being single.  Since most of you all are married, I'm sure that at one point you felt some of these feelings, maybe not.  My first gripe is this, how is it that some women (girls) always have a boyfriend?  They go from one right on to another.  It seems that there is a constant flow of men for them.  Now yes I know that most likely those men aren't worth keeping or she isn't worth having.  My second gripe, how hard is it to be honest?  Seriously, I won't kill over and die if you tell me that you aren't interested.  I hate to be lied to, just tell me the DANG truth.  Thirdly, I go through the "what's wrong with me?" list.  Am I to fat, un-attractive, boring, etc.  Then if by chance I do meet someone, he almost always has baggage (i.e. an ex-wife, children, both)  It never fails  . . . okay so on the other hand I know that I would rather be single than in a horrible marriage.  I see women all of the time that are trapped with a husband and sometimes children and have no way out.  Whenever I talk about this issue with my married friends, they all say to just take my time and be patient.  Well, let me just tell ya this.  My gift is not patience, I hate that it's not b/c I can see where that would be extremely useful in many of lifes lessons.  Okay, so I know that this issue is small beans in comparison to many problems that I read about on blogs or in the news but I wanted to share because it makes me feel better to vent.  One last example for your entertainment.  I have been "talking" to this guy off and on for a few months.  I like him but something (probably my woman's intuition) told me that things were a bit off.  So I get up the nerve to ask him and he says that he's "kind of" dating someone!!! What?!!? How can you be "kind of" dating someone and not bother to mention it? Seriously!  ARGH!!