Saturday, July 17, 2010

My new place . . .

So I officially moved in to my new place two weeks ago today.  It's an apartment but I don't care, I'm not ready financially to buy a house.  I remember the anxiety that I felt buying a brand new car several years ago and I'm just not ready to buy a house on my own yet.  Anyway, I have lived with a roommate the past 3 1/2 years and though it had its positives there is nothing quite like having my own place again.  I LOVE it, it's quiet where I live, and very close to the office so I can go home at lunch and also sleep a little bit later. 

Other than that I really have nothing new to share except now the number of expectant friends/family that I have has dropped to five instead of seven which was the number at the beginning of Spring.  It's fun and I love it and can't wait to meet each of the new babies.  I also love buying for them and spoiling them and then going home to my quiet new apartment =). 

We have been very busy at work this month and for that I am thankful.  In these trying economic times, I'm glad to have a job period but having a job that I love with a great group of people is awesome.

Hope you are all having a GREAT Summer.


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  1. Glad you are loving your new place and everything is going good for you! Love reading your blog!