Saturday, July 31, 2010

Such a girl . . .

Okay so a friend of mine from Church who was also my roommate for two and a half years is getting married today.  She is 10 years younger than me, skinny as a rail, and no doubt will be GORGEOUS!! So, my almost 33 year old body (which can't compete) has been trying to find something to wear for the wedding.  I have dresses that I wear to work and Church but I wanted something new.  I've looked and fretted and looked some more.  Now it is the day of the wedding and there is less than six hours until it starts.  I have yet to find something that I think will be trendy.  Now why is it that it drives me crazy to look at my closet and think that among her 20 something friends that I will look dowdy? NUTS!  I look at my closet and think that's to long, to plain, to something.  Then I go to the stores and I think that's to short, to revealing, to young.  ARGH!!! Does anybody else feel that way about going to events where other women will be?  I know that I will get dressed in something from my closet since the clock is counting down and I will think that I look pretty good and then I'll get there and feel like Ms. Thirty-something among all of the skinny, tan, cute dressed college girls.  Whatever!!!   Sigh, I'm such a girl.

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